candance moves the horses in

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candance moves the horses in

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Rescue Ranch horses:

click the link to go to their pages:

(the unhlaltered one is babe who passed away)
HONEY (From the abve link, story awsome to read:)

J.R. & Cookie

Royal Fleet











Hap and JR


Image and Pam


Allie and Fawn



Hitter and Duke












Lady Hawk










Best friends with little cookie


(onlyt 44.5 inches tall, best bud with rosie)



Mercury and her filly Midnight

Jalapena (Mare)

trigger geld



Dream Horse

Smokey was rescued along with his mother Dottie, Smokey was just a couple of weeks old when he arrived and due to his mother's debilitated condition, he was suffering from malnourishment which made his immune system weak.

At the time of his arrival, Buster was very nervous and kicked out frequently when startled. He is underweight and has a few areas of rain rot. Buster has some problems with weak stifles (rear knees) and dislocated his left stifle shortly after his arrival here. The vet came and examined him. She said that typically the horse will pop the joint back into place on their own, however Buster's muscles and tendons surrounding the joint appeared to be damaged and may require surgery.

Doc arrived at the rescue as an owner surrender. His previous owner could no longer provide a home for Doc and wanted to be sure he found a safe, loving home. Doc is a beautiful palomino gelding. He is approximately 8 years old with no physical limitations, however he has not been broke to ride.

fast and fatal "Mama"
Fast and Fatal's owner brought her to the rescue so that she would not face the risk of slaughter. She was born April 9, 1988 and was lightly raced as a 2 and 3 year old. She had a fairly successful racing career - winning 3 races as a 2 year old - and she has been a broodmare since 1994. Although she was bred earlier this year, she has come up open and was heading for the auction this fall. Due to her age and not being in foal, she would have likely brought a very low price at the auction, putting her at high risk of purchase by a killer buyer for the slaughterhouse. Fortunately, her owner chose to bring her to our rescue instead. She is a very sweet mare, in good condition for her age. She is a special girl and deserves a special home for her retirement.

Molly came to the rescue as an owner surrender. Her previous owner had purchased her to get her out of a bad, neglectful and overcrowded situation. Molly had not been handled and is very afraid of human contact. Due to health issues, her previous owner was not physically able to work with Molly to get her gentled and brought her to the rescue to find her a good home rather than risking her ending up in another bad situation. Molly is looking for a special home with lots of patience and understanding as well as experience handling a young horse. Molly has no physical limitations and with the proper care and handling, we feel confident she will learn to trust and blossom into a sweet and beautiful young horse.

HoBo (aka Face A Prince)
At some point during this time, he was pastured with some broodmares and unfortunately, they ran him through a barbed wire fence. He arrived at the rescue lame with an infected pastern on his left front due to a bone deep, jagged laceration where the barb wire had wrapped around his hoof. His previous owner didn't have the facilities to treat and dress the wound properly and relinquished him to the rescue.

Chance was approximately 6 months old when he arrived at the rescue.Chance is crippled and walks with a very obvious limp. He is very attached to Effie, a neglected Quarter Horse mare that arrived at the rescue at the same time as Chance. Effie was separated from her own foal at the auction, and Chance's trip to the auction was also his abrupt weaning so the two have bonded and adopted each other. Our vet examined Chance upon his arrival and feels that his injury occurred when he was very young. It appears that his hip and/or leg was broken but has completely healed, although crookedly.

Whiskey arrived at the rescue as an owner surrender. Due to his advancing age and his cribbing habit, Whiskey is a "hard keeper" which means he has difficulty maintaining a healthy weight and he requires a special diet. Whiskey is settling in well and seems to enjoy his large pasture.

Frank "Silver"
Silver came to the rescue limping with a badly swollen hock. We took him to our vet for x-rays which revealed calcium deposits in the upper portion of the hock joint. Also, a large "chunk" of calcium had broken loose and was floating outside the joint. The vet advised that the calcium that had broken loose would eventually be absorbed or converted to scar tissue. Surgery was an option, however the vet felt that the very slim chance of a successful outcome allowing Silver to be sound for riding did not justify the possible complications and invasiveness of the surgery. Silver is pasture sound and with rest and relaxation the vet advised that due to his size and otherwise overall good condition, he might eventually be sound for very light riding by a small rider at a walk - absolutely no trotting or loping. Silver also has a front foot that turns slightly inward. This condition has caused a windpuff on his ankle, however it does not appear to bother him at this time. Once Silver has had a couple of months to rest and relax, we will re-evaluate his condition and he will be available for adoption as a companion horse only or with light riding limitations, depending on his condition.

Effie arrived at the rescue as a result of one of our volunteers purchasing her from the auction to stop her from going to slaughter. She is registered with the American Quarter Horse Association as well as being registered as an Oklahoma bred Broodmare for racing. Her AQHA registered name is "Full Figured". She was skinny and malnourished and her foal was separated from her and sold at the same auction. She had an area of proud flesh on her left foreleg that would not heal and she had an episode of colic shortly after her arrival. Effie is very quiet and gentle. We have put her on a diet of Purina Equine Senior feed and she is beginning to show improvement.

Rowdy arrived at Rescue with his mother, Scarlett. bought from a crowded auction.

scarlett, mother of rowdy
Scarlett has some large scars from several old injuries, however she is otherwise healthy and appears sound. She is friendly and gentle and did not object to a halter although she seemed a little rusty on her leading skills[/img]
Faith arrived at the rescue very underweight, wormy and sick. Her thick winter coat was coarse and unhealthy and hides the extent of her condition.

Hope came to us at approximately 6 month old . She arrived at the rescue underweight and very weak. When she arrived, she fell down after being unloaded off the trailer and was unable to muster the strength to get up. She simply laid still for several minutes on the ground and then finally, with great effort, stood up and we were able to get her into the corral

Sammy mare
before rescue:

a few months later

(L to R) Guinness, Killian, Loui, and Goldie

Good As Gold (goldie)

Little Miss Fancy Pants (blondie)

Invest In Me (Mia)

Paging My Cowboy

Avocatia "catie"

By design "Zoe"

Kiss N Tell "Zena"


Rhyme or Reason

fugasi "Socks"



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