Abused Horses

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Abused Horses

Post  Kiger_Mustang on Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:25 am

Mare's & Fillie's

Name:Blu Bell's
Breed: Lipizzaner

Blu Bell was a horse who was left on the Cloud Reserve and laying almost dead taking a kick to the hip bone and laying waiting to die but the host found her and took her in and putting her up for adoption, She made a full recovery but needs someone to love and trust in

Name: Free Wind
Breed:Quarter horse

Free Wind was dumped with a injury to the head on a person's front porch, she needed therapy and got it but needs someone to take her in a and re-teach her how to be a horse.


Past:May was captured by a rustler and needed vet attention right away but the owner never gave her that so she slowly started to die away unttil a person helped her to recover she just needs a loving home.

Name:Colt:Zeek Mare:Honey Dew
Breed:Quarter horses

Honey Dew was left on an old abandoned farm pregnant with a colt she was trapped and there was a Huge flood near by which flooded some of the area, she had her colt and some people rescued them and having then go out for foster care.

Stallion's :


Past:Zorro was a past Movie Star horse, but when he took one wrong step he Fractured his Ankle and couldnt walk so they gave him to a haven so he could get a new home instead of havingo be put to sleep

Just Horses for sale.
Bambi's Attraction:

Misty Stream:

Dusty Road(Dusty):
Her with foal

Just her:
(THIS IS i even have proof if you need to see.)

Breezy Sunset:


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Re: Abused Horses

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