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More DaddysLittlegirl horses

Post  DaddysLittleGirl on Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:18 pm

Name: Paytan
Breed: Pinto
Gender: Stallion
Age: 3
Alliance: Dark
Personality: he picks on every one and is a big mean but when it comes to his mare and foals he's got a gentle heart the only problem is that he doesn't have any mares or foals yet
(by myhorse on flickr)

Name: Dafidila
Breed: Pinto
Gender: Mare
Age: 4
Alliance: light
Personality: she's nice sweet and clam natured she doesn't like anyone messing with her baby at all if you do, she will "mess" back.

(the rest with Lola's pics)

Name: Lola
Breed: Pinto
Gender: Filly
Age: two months
Alliance: Not sure yet
Personality: she hangs around her mom alot but she's not a momma's girl. she wishes that she knew who her father was, but mostly she just wishes she had one.
(by Martina V. on flickr)

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