Candance brings the mascot and dogs

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Candance brings the mascot and dogs

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MASCOT: Sweet Pea

Barn Dogs:

Molly is a four year old tri-colored Corgi who has taken on the leadership role at the barn. Molly arrives at the farm every morning with Candace and promptly begins her job...running in narotic circles making sure everything is in order. She makes her rounds out in the field, stopping at each horse, making sure nothing is amiss. If the horses are in their stalls, Molly makes continual never-ending rounds from stall to stall...she is resilent when it comes to keeping an eye on the horses. If she thinks something is wrong, she sticks with them and "sounds the alarm", barking till someone comes over to her. She is quite a character with an abundance of personality.


Riley is a eight year old huge Rotteweiler who is just a big love bug. He acts as the "pretend" guard first glance, he looks like a big tough dog. Then you meet him and realize the barn cats are more aggressive than he is! Riley quietly watches over all the activites that go on at the farm from a couple of his favorite look outs...Guinness'stall, the tackroom, and the little cement slab. Everyone that meets Riley, falls in love with Riley. He truly is just an over-grown teddy bear. Riley is content to just relax and take everything in, but if something is up, he's not afraid to step in for us. He's a good boy to have around...and a great dog to snuggle with!


Teflon is a Fila Mastiff who Candace got as a tiny puppy. Teffy is no longer a puppy...he is now a two and a half old and weighs over 1100lbs! Teflon is a very fun loving dog who is always up for running, playing, and goofing around...he is quite the character. Teffy is definitely a Fila though, and is very wary of stranger. He has "his people" and that's it! If your not in his circle, he is does not want to be bothered with. Even though Teffy is so big, he still believes himself to be a lap dog! Goofy guy!

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