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I walk in and set up my things. Then i sit down and turn on my computer and mak diffrent files for everything. I set up my office and go out to the front desk to see a little girl and her sister. "Hello, can I help you?" I ask the oldest girl.

L:I smile at the lady. "Thank-you, and yes you can help. Me and my sister Sada need a home to stay in, so can we stay here?" I ask carefully.

S:I look up from Lindsey's arms and wave at the lady. "LinLin!" I whine to be put down.

L:I put my sister on the ground and watch as she walks around slowly.

B:I smile at Sada and Lindsey. "Of course you can stay here, tha's what we're for!" I said to her. "C'mon, I'll show you the rooms." I walk down the hall and show them to a room.

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