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Post  Rodeo_Cowgirl on Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:07 am

Name: Sarah Michell
Nickname: Sarah, Sar, or Pain
Age: 24
Gender: Woman
Originality: Icelandic
Accesories: She mpstly wears a wooden necklace and four rhinestones around her eyes
Clothes: Normaly consist of white flowy things but otherwise she wears ranch clothes. Sometimes she doesn't wear clothes at all but thats only at the ranch
History: She and her beloved pony, Elska, were booted out of Iceland because of her constant horse thievery ,mainly it was to get Elska back from the people who'm her father gifted her too. She came to the U.S. to find that the Icelandic horse was a popular breed. She bred her horse to a stallion and got a dapple palomino colt who faded to just palomino but she loved them both dearly. now the colt is grwon and she had gotten a mare to breed him with and she is living at teh edge of the forest with her little herd
Personality: Sweet, friendly, loving, horse lover, overall she is a sweet girl. But... she will steal her horses back (just to let ya'll know who want to steal a pretyy icelandic

Briana (age: 16)
Her horse: G-Money
Rodeo's People Meagain
Rodeo's People Pride
Rodeo's People Two-of-a-kind

Catherine Fish (age: 15)
Horse: Doctor (Doc)
Rodeo's People Show%202-8-09%20011

Areial (age: 6)
Horses: (Peppermint and Clover)
Rodeo's People 2006solla-1

Shaylea and Kelly (ages: 12 and 14)
Horses: Cody, Spirit Bear, and Tahoe
(shaylea with Cody)
Rodeo's People 2096243280102852126S600x600Q85
(her with Spirit Bear)
Rodeo's People 2128220810102852126S600x600Q85
(both of them with Cody)
Rodeo's People 2485112850102852126S600x600Q85
(Kelly with Tahoe)
Rodeo's People 2572555060102852126S600x600Q85
(Kelly and Cody)
Rodeo's People 2270519350102852126S600x600Q85

Name: Gary Wayne Spindle
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde/ Red
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: White with lots of freckles
Tattoos: Coy Fish on upper left arm and a skull with a knife trough it on his right arm
height: 6' 3
picture: Con't get one at the moment
Personality: Joking around with his daughter (Tabs) funny, Nice, Sweet, Protective of his daughter, Likes to drive cool cars.
Car: there is a silver inscription on the right back top cover for the tire and it says Tabitha
Rodeo's People ITEM_2-F-24_1968_CAMARO_Z28_Tuxedo_black
(my mothers eyes are blue and his are green and now mine are hazel

Name: Tabitha Sarayne Spindle (early years she likes being called Tabitha by high school she wants to be called Sarayne)
Age: 16
Gender: Girl
Height: 6ft 2in
Rodeo's People Briana-Step-Up-2-photoshoot-briana-evigan-3469243-451-600

Name: Amanda
Age: 17
Story: she was orphaned when her parents got killed in a car accident she has beeen moc=ved from foster home to foster home ever since
Rodeo's People Amanda-bynes-pics-10

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Post  Admin on Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:25 am

all accepted

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Post  Rodeo_Cowgirl on Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:25 am

Very Happy

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