A Whole Bunch of Gypsies

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A Whole Bunch of Gypsies

Post  Fearless on Sat May 29, 2010 6:27 am


Timbaland (Gypsy Stallion)

OneRepublic (Gypsy Stallion)

Fall Out Boy (Gypsy Stallion)

Oren (Gypsy Stallion)

Journey (Gypsy Stallion)

Snow Patrol (Gypsy Stallion)


Cascada (Gypsy Mare)

California Gurl (Gypsy Mare)

Sing It Loud (Gypsy Mare)

Lady Antebellum (Gypsy Mare)

Faith Hill (Gypsy Mare)

SheDaisy (Gypsy Mare)

I named all these horses from music. Their names are either songs or artists

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