Kingske wants a herd!

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Kingske wants a herd!

Post  Fearless on Sun Dec 06, 2009 5:37 am

Kingske (king-skay)
Friesian Stallion

King: I trot in elegantly, my mane flowing, my forelock draped over my eyes. I halt and rear high in the air. I let out a ringing call, calling any mares that are seeking a stallion. i land back to the earth and snort. I paw the ground and call again.

(i would like a friesian mare for him, and horses that are dark colors, not dark personalities. A friesian mare will be likely chosen for his lead. If you want a dark stallion I have his twin Dark Prophet too. And i have their sister Aalwyn, who is dark/light/neutral what ever i feel like doing when she gets a stallion. I wouls like her to be lead.)

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