Dusty beats her way into the turf

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Dusty beats her way into the turf Empty Dusty beats her way into the turf

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:51 am

Dusty reached techs turf a good 30 minutes ahead of the mares she was worried for her filly and reared screaming for the stallion i saw two mares and a colt appear
"I am Dusty of your stallions brothers herd, we were sent here my herd follows we are in danger. A bachelor stallion is fighting our stallion he sent us here i lead to warn your stallion"
Laylah: "Of course" she turned to the other mare "Safhera, run fetch Techno at once"
safhera: "OF course" She wheeled and ran for the stallion
Zanzibar: Peeks out from behind mother

Dusty :I hear hoof beats and spin as the heard came into view.I rushed forward to meet them the foals slowed and crumpled to the ground I nuzzle my foal as memory brings up the rear spinning and staring over the horizon for and sign of the other horse.

Lay circled Urging them to take the foals deeper into the forests to the valley in fear of the stallion

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Dusty beats her way into the turf Empty Re: Dusty beats her way into the turf

Post  Fearless on Sun Dec 06, 2009 4:56 am

Techno: I arrive in the valley and canter up to Laylah. "What is the matter, my love? And who are these guests?" I ask, not knowing where the mares and foals came from.

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