Marble Hill stables

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Marble Hill stables

Post  Love,Peace,Serenity on Wed Dec 02, 2009 11:37 pm

Name:Marble Hill Stables
Description:a beautiful area, with a huge indoor arena, and a big outdoor Hunter course, then a indoor and Outdoor Jumping course. then the house is a Two story mansion with 710 Bedrooms to SLEEP in then 2 laundry rooms, 4 bathrooms, and 2 of the bedrooms are master bedrooms and there are 4 maids that each have to share a room so 2 maids share a room and another 2 maids share another. There is a big indoor pool and a beautiful flowing river down past the Pastures, there are 10 pastures, 2 are 1 acre long and 8 are a half acre long,then the river is 5 ft deep in the middle so you can take your beautiful horses into teh water bareback and ride through it. Marble Hill also offers horse camps for $100 a night the longest any child can be there is 1 week, they serve Breakfast,Lunch, & Dinner, they also have a 2 story barn, and everyone sleeps up there and theres a built in shower and bathroom also, This stable really is a dream stable to have avaiable to ride at, they also allow boarders, and horses for the horse camps, they are looking for 2 horse trainers, and 3 Horse grooms and a Vet that can come out for emergency's.more info on the Pay for Staff inside.
Owner:Eleanor Marble

You dont need to add these pictures yet im just putting them on here since i found them and dont want to have to find them again.


Above Stable:


Stable:MUCH bigger.

half Acre Pasture's:

acre field N/A


Swimming Pool:

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