The cullens houseand history:

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The cullens houseand history: Empty The cullens houseand history:

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(not quiet right atm will change the house pics later)
The house
The cullens houseand history: Forest_House-Main
The cullens houseand history: Forest_House-Living-Room
The cullens houseand history: Forest_House-Dining
Their cars
Their Cars:

Emments Jeep
The cullens houseand history: 2007-jeep-wrangler-4drs
Jaspers Car
The cullens houseand history: Lotus-exige-s_h
Edwards car
The cullens houseand history: Volvo-C30
Alice's porsche
The cullens houseand history: 911turbo_30th_03
Roselies BMW M3
The cullens houseand history: SNF02MOTFR_380_479798a
Bellas truck
The cullens houseand history: Bella-s-Truck-for-New-Moon-twilight-series-5093951-350-263

Out side of town a ways is the daunting forest after a 2mile drive off the highway you may or may not see the obscured drive way another 5 miles and the house will come to view.

The "father" of the family is a doctor, through hundreds of years of practice can work with humans and their blood without the thoughof harming them the usually sweet temptaton smell of the blood he now no longer notices. his body is frosen at the age of 30 the family move every few years before anyone notices they dont age.

Edward :
His parents died when he was 17 and him too nearly taken by a virus lie most of the town on her death bed his mother made carlise promise to help him and when she died he wheeled them both to the morgue and took off with the near dead child running as though flames licked his heels, now frosen as a 17 yr old boy he has found the family he needs.
* Can read anyones thoughts but Bellas*

Lost a child iafter it was born tried to kill her self and nearly managed until carlise saved her before her heart beat its last time, the beautiful mother figure took to edward at once and became mom to the lot of them

again at near death she was turned and become a "Cullen" the human world sees her as an adopted daugter while the truth remains lurking under the surface. the beautiful blond can be a very sour person

Rosealie's husbane in the immortal world her "brother" in the human world, rose found emment after a bear had mauld him an inch with in death befre he was turned he now leads a happy married life

came to one day with no memory of her human life she wandered feeding on humans draining their life she then found her sould mate Jasper and then dpoted herself into the cullen family
* Can see the future for each person that thay have chosen*

wandered as a nomad for sometime until he found his alice and together they form the remaining cullen family
*Can Control emotions*
Isabella Swan:
Bella swan moved to forks when her mother remarried and begun moving to fit her husbands life as a coach of baseball, she unhappily took her place at her fathers side with a smile plastered upon her face covering the true feelings. upon meeting edward she is drawn and when she finds out why his skin is a pale grey and his skin always so cold she is determined to become a vampire to spend the rest of her life with. Is the most accident prone person and it gives Edward full time job keeping her safe from those of his kind and of course from herself.

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