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Post  Fearless on Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:17 am

Dancin N Diamonds (Diamond)
Paint Mares Dancin0423%20(Medium)

Fleets Classy Lady (Lady)
Paint Mares Classy105%20(Medium)

Frosty Bars ES (Frosty)
Paint Mares Leita3%20(Medium)

Magic Moon Invader (Luna)
Paint Mares Frank05%20(Medium)

Trixie Dun (Trixie)
Paint Mares Trix0507%20(Medium)

Moon Invader Class (Classy)
Paint Mares Bunny1%20(Medium)

Simply Call (Callie)
Paint Mares Nada042307%20(Medium)

Strawberry Norfleet (Berry)
Paint Mares Strmoma0423%20(Medium)

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